11/10/09 What is a website?

posted Nov 10, 2009, 6:23 AM by Abdulkader Alriyashi   [ updated Dec 24, 2009, 7:43 PM ]

  • Hyperlinks (Strings of text that are links to other pages)
    • When a user clicks on a hyperlink, the browser carries out a series of steps in order to fetch the page pointed to. Suppose that a user is browsing the Web and finds a link on Internet telephony that points to ITU's home page, which is http://www.itu.org/home/index.html. Let us trace the steps that occur when this link is selected.

      1. The browser determines the URL (by seeing what was selected).

      2. The browser asks DNS for the IP address of www.itu.org.

      3. DNS replies with

      4. The browser makes a TCP connection to port 80 on

      5. It then sends over a request asking for file /home/index.html.

      6. The www.itu.org server sends the file /home/index.html.

      7. The TCP connection is released.

      8. The browser displays all the text in /home/index.html.

      9. The browser fetches and displays all images in this file

  • Introduction to website design.
  • Why do I need to understand that?
  • Introduction to HTML.
    • What is HTML
    • Sample code of HTML
  • How could using a Design tool( such as Publisher) help making web design a lot easier and hide code details.