How to create a newsletter in Microsoft Word

posted Mar 8, 2011, 6:52 AM by Abdulkader Alriyashi   [ updated Mar 15, 2011, 7:40 AM ]
Newsletter topic ideas
  1. Technology in our life
  2. Technology tips and tricks
  3. Smart phones
  4. Reading Month
  5. Fun in our school
  6. Fun with math
  7. Amazing science facts
  8. Everything about tsunamis
  9. Sports
  10. Know what you are eating
  11. Stop Bullying
Let me know if you have any any other ideas

The following steps show you how to make a four pages, folded newsletter
.  An example is provided for you please check the attached PDF file.
  1. Create a blank document in Microsoft Word
  2. Add a blank page to your document
    • You could add a page by pressing Ctrl+Enter on the keyboard or
    • From Insert tab -> blank page
  3. Change the margins to narrow
    • From the Page Layout tab -> Margins ->Narrow
    • By changing the margins all changes will be applied on all pages.
  4. Change Orientation of the page to Landscape 
    • From the Page Layout tab -> Orientation -> Landscape
  5. Insert a vertical line this line will divide the page in half. Each have will be a page ( we will delete this line once we are done)
    • To insert a line go to Insert tab ->Shapes -> line
    • Press and hold the Shift key as you drag the line to make it 100% straight. Don't let go the shift key unless your done with the line.
    • Use the vertical ruler on the top as a guide to make sure the line is drawn in the middle of the page.
  6. Up to this point should have something similar to this 

  7. Change the zoom level on the bottom in order to see the same layout
  8. Start adding your contents to each page
    • Your contents must be in text boxes
    • From Inset tab -> Shapes -> under  Basic shapes  find text box
  9. Each column will be in a text box
  10. Once you finished editing your column, you need to hide the text box border ( shape outline)
    • Double click on the text box border -> Format tab ->Shape Outline -> No outline
  11. Change the text alignments to justify ( that will align text to both left and right margins and create a clean look along the left and the right sides)
    • From the Home tab -> In the paragraph sections click on justify 
  12. Repeat steps 8 through 12 until you are done with your project
  13. Printing your news letter
    • Once You are done with the news letter, you need to print it on one paper ( both sides) - Two papers are not accepted!
    • This is how you do that,
      1. Click on the Office button ( upper left corner of Word)
      2. Click on Print
      3. Set the printer name to Computer Lab
      4. Set Pages to 1 ( we are going to print the first page only)
      5. Click on OK
      6. Go to the printer, take the paper you just printed out and feed it back to the printer try ( face up, left oriented)
      7. Go back to your computer and click on Print again. This time you are printing the second page
      8. Set the pages to 2
      9. Click OK to print
  14. Eighth grade, you are required to convert the newsletter to a PDF format.
Abdulkader Alriyashi,
Mar 8, 2011, 6:58 AM