Website Project

posted Feb 15, 2011, 5:41 AM by Abdulkader Alriyashi   [ updated Mar 7, 2011, 8:24 AM ]

  • Your project is to create a website following these guidelines:
    1. Create a new website and name it (Technology Project)
    2. Choose a theme that makes the sidebar's border visible 
    3. Add a sidebar item and name it "My school". Create the following webpages of type (announcements) and add them to "My school" Side bar
      1. Math
      2. English
        1. Reading
        2. Writing
      3. Science
      4. Social Studies
      5. Arabic
      6. Art
      7. Gym
      8. Technology
      9. Announcements
    4. Add another sidebar item and name it "Important links". Add the following links to it:
      1. Bridge Academy
      2. Nextk12
      3. Study Island
      4. Student Email
      5. Wikipedia
    5. Add another sidebar item and name it "My projects". Create the following webpages of type ( File Cabinets)
      1. Word files
      2. Excel files
      3. Audio files
      4. Video files
    6. Customize the website by changing colors and fonts 
    7. Add another side bar item and name it " Who am I". Create the following webpages:
      1. About me , of kind (web page) and add the following
        1. Introduce yourself
        2. Insert a picture
      2. My hobbies 
        1. Insert links about your favorite sports or hobbies 
    8. Add posts for each subject listed in #3
      1. Use references to other websites
      2. Add illustrations and images for that topic ( ex periodic table in science )
    9. In the front page "Home" Add the following 
      1. Text box item 
        1. has a logo for
        2. Another text box has a logo for any other useful website
        3. Text boxes have to be next to each other
      2. Recent posts item
        1. Has to be beneath the text boxes
        2. Linked to the announcements page