Operating Systems

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  • What is an Operating system?
  • The main functions of an operating system
    • Executes and supervises programs
    • Manages Memory
      • RAM
      • Hard Drive
    • Manages Input & Output devices such as Mouse, keyboard and printers
  • What is a Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    • Everything you see on your screen that you could interact with. 
    • Such as, the start menu, buttons, icons, windows, and task bar.

 Assignments: Due by Friday 2-11-2011
1.  Identify the Operating System for the following devices
  • The computer your on right now ( in the Computer Lab)
  • Macintosh computer
  • I phone 4
  • HTC smart phone
  • Nokia n8
Put the search results in a Microsoft Word file (in a table) and save it on your computer. Extra credit if you add an image for each device!

2.       Keyboard shortcuts

a.       By using Microsoft help and support or  a search engine, such as Google, find the keyboard shortcuts for the following commands

      1.  Copy
      2.  Cut
      3.  Paste
      4.  Undo
      5.   Delete
      6.  Rename the selected item
      7.  Select All
      8.  Search
      9.  Close the active window
      10. Switch between the open items( programs or windows)
      11.  Display the start menu(without using windows button on the keyboard)
Organize your search results into  MS.Word and send it as an attachment with assignment #1 (above) that you have saved previously to alriyashia@student.gee-edu.com 
 3.       Directories and paths

a.       Create the following folders in the following format

§  freshman

·         1st Semester

o    Business class

o    Computer class

§  Windows

§  Word

§  Power point

§  Excel

o    English Class

o    Math Class

You don't have to email this part. Just let me know once you are done.